Unlock new levels of purpose and power in your content and yourself, no matter your platform or audience size.


This is not your first rodeo. You’ve been around long enough to have skills, experience, or a message to share with the world, and you know that people need what you have to offer.

But here’s the problem:


Well, there’s not just one problem.

You’ve got lots of them, maybe some like these:

  • It’s hard to stand out online, especially since the pandemic put the entire WORLD on the internet.
  • Information is free, and “I have great information” isn’t enough anymore.
  • It’s hard to get your audience to listen and change.
  • You’ve been fed mixed messages like “More followers is the answer” (not necessarily true) and that mastering social media platforms is the goal (it isn’t).
  • You’re working really hard and not seeing the results you want.
  • Maybe you’ve reached levels of achievement that some people might envy, but you’re still not happy. Or maybe even miserable.
  • You know that life has to be more than just bowing down at the altar of “rise and grind” and mindlessly worshipping the cult of hustle culture.
  • It’s incredibly frustrating when gurus and influencers yell at you that “It’s easy, it’s so simple, anyone can do it,” and you think, “Then why isn’t everyone doing it, and what’s my problem?”

If the path forward through all this feels about as clear as mud, you’re not alone.


And if you believe that figuring all this out deserves something beyond just a few “3 tips” tutorial videos or a cookie cutter online course…


You’re right.

The answer is not that simple, and you deserve more than that.

And this is important, because you know what you have to offer to the world matters.

Finding solutions that make sense for YOU requires something worthy of the blood, sweat, and tears that you’ve experienced to learn what you’ve learned.


In the entertainment industry, a green room is a private space for artists, speakers, featured guests, or VIPs to gather before or after they perform or engage with their audiences.

Instead of being a physical room in a venue or studio, The Green Room here at Story Greenlight is active community, curated content, and expert coaching.


  • Discover (or rewrite) your own personalized roadmap for sharing your skills and experience to the world in a way that fits you and your goals – not just some one-size-fits-all plan from a guru or influencer.


  • You discover how to stand out from the online crush of humanity in your own unique way, so you’re not “just another person with information on the internet.”
  • You build and maintain an active bond with your audience, so they not only listen to what you have to say, they can’t get enough of it. They engage with what you’re offering and get the results you know they need.


  • We cut through the clutter and online fads to help you focus on moving forward on YOUR path. You finally get to escape that sinking feeling of hating life because you can’t be everywhere and do all the things. Nobody can.
  • And we help you show up in the world without mindlessly hustling and grinding. In fact, you end up doing LESS and achieve results at a level you may never have thought possible.

"We’re all part of the creator economy. We all have a skill or story inside us that we want to share with the world, and even better if we can generate some level of return on what we’re putting out there."

Ita Udo-Ema, Owner, View From Above Productions, Green Room founding member


The Green Room started in December of 2019 almost by accident. I (Jeff) was promoting The Creative Edit, a creative video editing experience for YouTube creators, and I knew I wanted to start a membership as the next project after that.

So to help increase sales for The Creative Edit, I offered a year of membership to The Green Room as a free bonus. Just like that, The Green Room was born, and many of those founding members are still present and active today years later.

Which started raising questions in my mind.


At the time, I thought that Story Greenlight and The Green Room were all about helping YouTubers do YouTube.


It’s not. It’s about something much bigger than that, and so are you.


But I’m getting ahead of myself.


I started scratching my head when the members who engaged the most and stayed the longest didn’t fit the traditional mould of “YouTuber who wants more views, subscribers and money.” Some members did double down on YouTube and story-driven content creation and now have thriving businesses with huge audiences – and some even are supporting their lives with TINY audiences!

But other members ended up doing all sorts of seemingly random things.

Many stopped uploading to YouTube completely and did things like:

  • Began writing and narrating their own short fiction
  • Wrote an e-book and self-published it on Amazon
  • Opened up a fine art photography studio online
  • Licensed and organized a regional TedX conference
  • Experimented with photo-realistic 3D modeling
  • Began one-to-one paid consulting
  • Stopped doing time-sucking commissioned work and focused on creating digital courses

And others actively leaned into their own path of wandering through their own desert, seeking answers.

By the way, you’ll hardly ever hear gurus or marketers talk about that part. The unspoken assumption is that you’re just supposed to know what you want and how to get there.

But the fact is, many people don’t know.

And even if you do know what you want and how to get there… once you achieve new levels of success, you will find yourself facing a new desert or bigger mountain.

Journeying through those deserts is not only necessary, it’s some of the most important work we will ever do.

"Jeff is a master at helping YouTubers tell better stories. I'm a huge fan!"

Evan Carmichael, 3.5M YT

“[Jeff is] one of the smartest creators I’ve ever heard.”

Roberto Blake, 546K YT, Founder of Awesome Creator Academy


  • MONTHLY MEETING: The Green Room meets every 2nd Saturday of the month via Zoom for 60-90 minutes. We catch up with each other, check in on what we’ve accomplished in the last month, and engage in group trainings or discussions led by me (Jeff).

    Meetings are recorded and made available to members via video, audio-only, and written transcriptions, so you can engage in the way that works best for you.
  • CURATED TRAINING LIBRARY: Past trainings are archived into a membership area and organized via the Story Greenlight Roadmap – the 30,000-foot view that helps you take stock of yourself, your journey, your content, and your future path.
  • WEEKLY LIVE Q&A OR MINI-TRAINING: As of this writing, I do a live mini-training or Q&A session every Wednesday, so you can stay motivated and get your burning questions answered between monthly meetings.
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY AREA: We engage in a members-only Facebook group during the week so group members can encourage each other and see what everyone is working on.


  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Goal setting
  • Message strategy
  • Creativity
  • Online business-building
  • Content creation with an emphasis on video
  • Online communication skills
  • Accomplishing more while doing less


YouTube is not a strategy. TikTok or Facebook are not strategies. Digital courses and coaching are not strategies. They are all VEHICLES for a strategy. But when it comes to setting that strategy, there are so many options and so many voices that it's easy to get lost or even paralyzed.


Thomas Alexander is a lifelong language learner and expert in the invented language Esperanto. Through his time in The Green Room, he stopped uploading to YouTube, focusing instead on one-on-one teaching and answering learner questions in public forums. Through additional life changes, he came to a new understanding of his love of Esperanto and the international community built around it. Now instead of helping by posting thousands of comments on public forums, he is serving members of his own mailing list and is building a paid membership to build belonging and community around Esperanto fluency.

"Through being in the Green Room, I’ve come to see two things clearly: I can make a respectable living teaching language. And I will do better if I take the next step now than if I do nothing."

–Thomas Alexander, New York, USA

“Now I’m doing what I’m good at. Thank you, Jeff Bartsch and all of you in The Green Room. You have helped me find my path. It wasn’t the path I thought I was following, but I’m glad it wasn’t!”

–Rebecca Blokzijl, The Netherlands


Rebecca Blokzijl is an equestrian trainer and educator based in The Netherlands. She joined The Green Room to learn about storytelling for her YouTube channel Hart voor Paarden (Heart for Horses). She came to realize that she needs to focus on her strengths – building relationships in the horse-training community – instead of just content creation. So she found a sponsor for a 6-episode YouTube series and used the proceeds to hire a team to shoot and edit her YouTube content.

If you’re ready to find – or rediscover – your path forward, so you know what you want and how to get there…


My name is Jeff Bartsch.

I'm the founder here at Story Greenlight and The Green Room.

I used to think my life was about one specific thing. When I was 4 years old, I started playing piano, both classically and by ear. For the first 20 years of my life, I was known as Jeff the Piano Guy, and I figured I’d stick with that because my family was musical and that’s just what we do.

Then I found video. I went to high school in a tiny town in northwest Iowa that was crazy about sports. I was terrible at sports, and I discovered that shooting and editing videos for the sports teams was my ticket to survive and even stand out in high school. I took on a new identity as Jeff the Video Guy.

My first two years of college had nothing available for video production, so I double majored in Bible studies and music composition. I worked as a part-time announcer for the school’s radio station and toured with the school’s musical groups. I didn’t know how all those fit together, but I was good at all of it, so why not go for it?

My third year of college, I transferred to film school in Los Angeles. Even though I was working three part-time jobs as a full-time production major, I ran out of money and had to drop out of college.

I worked odd jobs in the entertainment industry until I got my first internship as an assistant video editor. I was hired full-time, and a couple seasons later I was promoted to full editor, and I’ve been editing broadcast TV ever since.

That’s how Jeff the Piano and Video Guy became Jeff the TV Guy. I built up a credit list of clients that include ABC, NBC, Universal, Disney, Apple, BET, CMT, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery, G4, all sorts of folks. I had officially arrived, a 20-something earning 6 figures a year telling stories in Hollywood, the storytelling capital of the world

Then about 5 years into my editing career, I read a book that turned my brain inside out. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki opened my eyes to the possibility of doing something beyond trading my hours for dollars. Even then I knew that my income potential as a TV editor was limited, so I set out to become Jeff the Business Builder, learning how to build an online business based around teaching what I’d learned.

And that’s when I entered the desert.

I had no idea that just because I knew about TV editing, I knew nothing about business.

In 2008, I started my first business licensing packages of film and video footage to schools, and it died a slow, painful death.


I started my 2nd business completely outside the entertainment industry, got a little momentum, then a near-fatal assault experienced by my business partner completely changed the business’ direction.


I started my 3rd business around teaching people who wanted to do what I was doing – edit broadcast TV in New York or LA – and finally started seeing some success. I even wrote a book that is helping people and selling copies all around the world to this day. But I never found a way to build that business to what I imagined possible.


I even joined expensive business advisory groups that said all I had to do was get really, really good at marketing, and all my problems would go away.


My problems didn’t go away.


In fact, at one point I got so frustrated at all the time and energy I was putting into things that just weren’t working that I quit online business completely for a while.


But that didn’t fix things either – if anything, I was even more restless and unfulfilled.

I still had a dream of helping other people change their lives through what I’d been learning.

So I started my 4th business, Story Greenlight. And even then, I discovered that my audience didn’t actually need what I was offering. Kind of a big deal when it comes to building a business. I didn’t really know my path forward, and I continued wandering through the desert, finding my way.

But I kept taking the next step. And then the next. And the next.

And now, the businesses I've built have served thousands of experts, educators, and creators across over 40 countries and 6 continents.

And I came to realize that my life is not just about specific things like playing piano, making videos, editing TV, being on YouTube, or even building business. Looking back, I see all those things come together under the bigger ideas of communication and empowering others.


And you know what one of the biggest parts of that journey has been?


The Green Room.


It’s helped me understand lots of those things I’ve learned about myself over the last 40 years, all the success and learning and failures I’ve walked through, so others can transform along the way.


Coming to see that everyone has a gift to share, everyone has their desert, and everyone has their own mountains to climb. That every person’s journey is unique, and climbing any mountain means discovering another part of the journey ahead.

I now know my mountain, and while I’m incredibly grateful to see how far I’ve come, I’m even more grateful for the promise of more mountains and deserts to come.

And I am honored to help others through their own deserts and climb mountains of their own.

"You all are my drink of water in the desert."

Stefanie Hinton, Author, Green Room founding member


Information is now toothpaste. A commodity.

And everyone is online, making it incredibly hard to stand out.

But when you know the answers to the right questions, and the right way to share them with your people... not only can you stand out to your audience, you can build incredibly powerful connections with them.

Storytelling and communication strategy are huge parts of what we talk about in The Green Room.

Story is a fundamental way that human beings have connected with each other through the history of humanity. It’s a preferred mode of communication for the most influential human beings who have ever walked the face of the earth.

Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal, and it absolutely is that powerful.

But it’s got some caveats too – it’s accessible to literally anyone, so it’s easy to think anyone can do it. Not everyone can do it well. Like any skill, it works well in certain places and less well in others. And it does take practice.

But the results are well worth it : ↴

"Now I'm finding storytelling permeating all areas of my life. It's like The Matrix – when you're finally able to see it, you see it everywhere."

Lalena Hutton
Historical Costumer, Founder at Thimble and Plume


Lalena Hutton built her career in the world of costume design.

Her YouTube content guides her audience through their own sewing and design projects with an emphasis on German Renaissance clothing. In her time in The Green Room, she decided to stop taking time-consuming commissioned work so she could focus on expanding her online pursuits and digital products.


Debi Beard opened a small shop in a California beach town selling repurposed furniture and home décor. After years of living just above the poverty line, she created her own line of specialty furniture paint and began creating YouTube videos demonstrating how to use it. When she started telling stories about her life along with her tutorial videos, her YouTube channel grew and so did her sales. Working with Jeff on her video storytelling skills, she expanded her business to spread beauty and creativity through hundreds of individual retailers and online influencers

“Engagement has gone through the roof! I truly appreciate all the things I’m learning from you.”

Debi Beard
Founder at DIYPaint.co, Debi’s Design Diary (227K YT)

"My channel has never been doing better than it is right now. And I owe a lot of that to The Green Room."

Dan Thompson
Guns and Guitars (230K YT)


Dan Thompson grew up as a musician and later discovered the sport of target shooting. He built a YouTube channel called Guns and Guitars that teaches his community how to spend less and play more in both of those worlds. When his time in The Green Room gave him new ways to tell more personal stories in his tutorials, his engagement and customer base began a steady climb. On top of his other income streams, Dan has expanded to building and selling custom guitars, and his business allows him to travel with his wife and children full-time in their RV.

If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd by supercharging your message, so your audience can’t get enough of you, your content, or your products…


The Green Room IS for you if:

  • You have skills, life experience, or a message that you need to share with the world.
  • You realize that the biggest rewards come from serving others, not just yourself.
  • You serve or want to serve an online audience – whether it’s 10 people or 10 million.

The Green Room is NOT for you if:

  • You’re just doing this to become famous. People may come to recognize you, but that’s not the main reason we’re here.
  • The only way you measure success is by dollars, Euros, or pounds. Those are important, and money makes the mission possible. But if money is the only thing that happens, you’re doing it wrong.



All our lives we’ve had voices telling us things like:

  • Be safe
  • Don’t put yourself out there, people might laugh at you.
  • Keep your head down and just do what you’ve always done.
  • You’re not enough of an expert yet.
  • Success is only for a handful of really, really lucky people.
  • Businesses always fail, so why even bother?
  • Online business isn’t a “real” business.

Sometimes those voices are telling us these things because they think they’re helping us. Sometimes they’re telling us these things because they want to hold you back from what you know you could actually be.

Here are some things I want you to know:

You have knowledge and experience RIGHT NOW that can help people.

You don’t have to be the #1 expert in the world at ANYTHING in order to help people – you just have to be a couple steps ahead of people you’re helping. That’s it.

Success does NOT always equal fame, followers, or finances (sorry, couldn’t resist the 3 F’s there). Success is far more nuanced than that, and it is achievable right now, this very instant, no matter where you are.

Success is NOT the same thing as Achievement. Many people think they’re the same thing, but they’re not. This is why so many people reach Achievements but still feel miserable.


Looking past those external voices is one thing. But sharing your knowledge and skills to the world at the next level means you’re taking on the biggest obstacle of all:

Your own mind.

Will stepping out for the first time or stepping up to the next level require some risk? Yes. But the biggest thing you’re risking is your own comfort. And your brain will do BACKFLIPS to stay comfortable, tell you that everything is fine, and that this Jeff guy is full of crap.

That’s the problem with having been around long enough to know something about the world. You and I are no longer young enough to think we know everything. We’re pretty smart, actually, and we know there’s a lot we don’t know.


Which means we are REALLY good at over-thinking things, fiddling and procrastinating.


Researching until we’ve learned everything there is to know about what we’re doing, and getting all the ducks in a row…


But we haven’t actually taken action. Or at least the right actions that get us results.


And we have our reasons, lots of them.


But I’m calling you on those reasons – all those logical, reasonable explanations for why things haven’t happened or what still needs to happen first – because far more often than not, those reasons are an elegantly crafted cover-up for…



Yes. Fancy grown-up smoke screens for… we’re scared of what might happen.

(Is there a voice in your head saying “Eh, that’s not it”? See, that’s how damn good we are at fooling ourselves. And it’s not our brain’s fault, it’s just trying to keep us safe from the saber-tooth tigers out there. Which, by the way, don’t exist anymore.)

When it comes to fear, there are plenty of people who will tell you to shut up and “just do it.” Sometimes that message works, often it doesn’t.

I’ll tell you what does work, though:

  • Taking one step forward
  • Listening to people who are farther along the path you’re walking.
  • Taking another step.
  • Letting your people shorten your learning curves, so you achieve more by doing less… but focusing on the right things.
  • Taking the next step again.
  • Letting your people encourage you when – not if, WHEN – you run into obstacles and frustrations.
  • Then taking the next step again and again.

And realizing: “Whoa. I’ve come a long way.”
That, my friend, is what we do in The Green Room.


There is a time for hard work and hustling. But if you're like me, you have enough on your plate that "hustling and grinding" is no longer the answer. Our time is limited, and so is our energy.

If you’re familiar with the Pareto Principle about how the majority of outputs come from a small percentage of inputs, then you won’t be surprised to hear that those ideas apply directly to those of us sharing our skills and knowledge with the world.


Ken Steepe is the Manager of Digital Strategy and Content Creation at McCann Dogs, a world-class dog training company in Ontario, Canada. Ken’s team at McCann is closing in on 1M followers on YouTube and is always looking for new ways to tell the stories of how they help their furry clients become well-behaved family members.

“We really enjoyed the call. One member of the team had a 2-page list of ideas after watching the replay of it. I really appreciate your input!”
Ken Steepe
McCannDogs.com, McCann Dogs (980K YT)

“Now I have a YouTube channel and a website with a landing page, and people are signing up. I’m meeting with a new donor next week, and the husband of one of my subscribers returned home to their marriage. I’m so excited!”
- Andrea Bridges, Czech Republic


Andrea Bridges is the founder of a ministry in Eastern Europe that helps women find restoration and healing in their marriages.

In her time in The Green Room, Andrea has actively focused on the things most important towards supporting her community so life change can happen. And it’s working.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to endless busy work and focus on the things that actually bring results you never thought possible…


  • MONTHLY MEETING: The Green Room meets every 2nd Saturday of the month via Zoom for 60-90 minutes. We catch up with each other, check in on what we’ve accomplished in the last month, and engage in group trainings or discussions led by me (Jeff).

    Meetings are recorded and made available to members via video, audio-only, and written transcriptions, so you can engage in the way that works best for you.
  • CURATED TRAINING LIBRARY: Past trainings are archived into a membership area and organized via the Story Greenlight Roadmap – the 30,000-foot view that helps you take stock of yourself, your journey, your content, and your future path.
  • WEEKLY LIVE Q&A OR MINI-TRAINING: As of this writing, I do a live mini-training or Q&A session every Wednesday, so you can stay motivated and get your burning questions answered between monthly meetings.
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY AREA: We engage in a members-only Facebook group during the week so group members can encourage each other and see what everyone is working on.


Here’s the flip side of us being old enough to have learned a few things:


You and I have skills, life experience, or a message that the world needs to hear.


Here’s the catch: we are not guaranteed tomorrow.


It’s been said that hell is coming to the last day of your life, and the person you are meets the person you could have become.




I get chills just thinking about that.


What if there was a whole other level of YOU, a whole other level of meaning and impact that you were supposed to have in the world, and it never happened?


At the risk of being very blunt: at some point, you and I are both going to die, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. 


Thankfully, there’s a bright side to this.


“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

This quote is attributed to Thomas Edison – he was far from a perfect man, but he was still one of the greatest inventors in modern history. He was known for seeing himself in a broader perspective than just the tasks that he did.

Edison didn’t see himself as a mechanic or an inventor. He saw himself as a problem-solver. He saw himself as a force for change in the industrial world.


And that’s what happened – the world was forever changed by his work. That kind of change wouldn’t have been possible with just an inventor tinkering on a pet project. That kind of change required someone thinking from a larger point of view.

That’s what’s happened for me – I no longer think of myself as a piano player, a video creator, or even a business builder. Those are all still parts of me, but they’re all parts of something bigger.


When I thought of myself as a TV editor in Hollywood, my future was very limited, and my income was capped.


But all the years of wandering, all the false starts, all the detours, all the learning, and all the successes have come together to help me see myself in a different perspective.


Instead of seeing myself based on what I do, I see myself based on what I make possible.


I now see myself as a leader of Life Changers.


Maybe you’re ready to see yourself as a Life Changer too.

Maybe you’re ready to start thinking about what’s next for you, and what’s next for how you can help YOUR people improve their lives.


  • To discover – or rewrite – your path forward, so you see new levels of what’s possible and how to get there…
  • To supercharge your message, so you stand out from the online crush of humanity as someone who has something important to offer to your people…
  • To do less of what doesn’t matter, do more of what does, and see results you may not have thought possible…

Then it’s time to join us in The Green Room.


With all the second guessing, voices in your head, and shiny objects reaching for your attention, it’s easy to feel like sharing what you’ve learned is a solitary pursuit. It doesn’t have to be.


Dan Raines experimented with short-subject filmmaking and pivoted towards YouTube content based around camera reviews and filmmaking tutorials. In his time in The Green Room, he knew he was looking for something else but couldn’t put his finger on it… until he decided to stop uploading YouTube content and start an online fine art photography store that could one day feature not only his own art but works from his children.

"Since becoming part of The Green Room, I feel like I'm part of something more than just me trying to do this all on my own. It's just been a really great experience."
–Dan Raines
Photographer, Artist at Raines.art

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Green Room about helping me grow on YouTube ?
  • No. It’s about helping you share what you’ve learned in your life to the people who need to hear it. That takes on different paths for different people. Many Green Room members use YouTube to help them do that, and others don’t.
  • Is this about making money on the internet?
  • That's up to you. We believe that money makes the mission possible, but money is never the only motivation for doing what we do. Some members are not actively pursuing online income, others are – and we help them get there.
  • Do I need any special tools or equipment to join The Green Room?
  • Nope. Depending on the goals and path you set for yourself, you may find that you need subscriptions to different services to help you get there. But that all varies depending on what you need.
  • When are the monthly meetings?
  • We meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 11am Pacific. That’s 2pm Eastern, 7pm London, and 4am Sunday in Sydney (yes, we even have hard-core members who join us early in the morning).
  • Do you have a refund policy?
  • Yes. If you ask for your money back within 30 days, we give it to you.
  • Do you have contracts or minimum commitments?
  • Nope. Zero contracts, zero commitments, cancel any time.

"Sometimes you just have to be reminded of what's possible."

Thomas Alexander, International Linguist & Educator
Green Room founding member